Microsoft's Chrome extension stops phishing attacks

Microsoft | Apr 26, 2018 | Master3395

Now you can use Edge technology in the Google browser.

Even if you do not use Microsoft's browser, you can use Edge technology in Chrome. The company now releases an add-on for the competitor's browser.

Additional Chrome security
In the Windows Defender Browser Protection add-in, Microsoft has implemented technology used in Edge browser protection so Chrome users can also take advantage of the security layer.

The add-on is specifically aimed at phishing attacks where fraudsters try to trick victims to enter things like bank and credit card information and it contains an ever-updated list of malicious links that are blocked. According to Microsoft, which cites tests from a third party, Edge is able to protect against 99 percent of such attacks. Google's built-in solution, according to the test, only stops 87 percent.

Windows Defender Browser Protection also protects against other types of online malware. You can find the addition in the Chrome Web Store.

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Sources: The Verge

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