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IT | Apr 25, 2018 | Master3395

Facebook has revealed what control it is now going to give its European users so the company follows the GDPR Act, which will enter into force on 25 May.

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We go straight from Facebook's own press release:

  • Ads based on data from partners. Ads on Facebook are more relevant when we use data from partners, such as websites and apps that use business tools like our Like button. We ask people to review information about this kind of advertising, and to choose if they want us to use data from partners to show them ads.
  • Information in his profile. If you have chosen to share political, religious and civil status information in your profile, we ask you to choose whether you want to continue sharing and use this information. As always, it is optional to have this information on the profile page. We make it easier for people to delete it if they no longer want to share it.
  • Allow face recognition technology. Our face recognition features protect your privacy and enhance your experience, such as discovering when others try to use the image as their own and let us suggest friends you may want to notice in photos and videos. We have offered products that use facial recognition in most of the world for more than six years. As part of this update, we now give people in the EU and Canada the choice to turn on face recognition. Using Face Detection is completely optional for everyone on Facebook.

In addition, it is true that children between the ages of 13 and 15 need permission to use Facebook in certain EU countries, as well as Facebook points out that all ad categories for teenagers are more limited, while their default choice for sharing content does not include "Public" by default.

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