Microsoft is preparing Windows 10 for a password-free working day

Microsoft | Apr 24, 2018 | Master3395

Soon the PC can be secured in other ways.

Microsoft has not concealed that it believes that the password time is about to come. Now a new nail knocks into the chest.

FIDO support
This week, the Redmond-based company announces support for FIDO2 security keys in Windows 10 and Windows Hello. It allows PC users to log on to a Windows 10 machine with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) without entering a password.

Instead, you can use a USB security key to log on to your PC. Windows 10 users can also use Windows Hello Face Login and Finger Sensor to release passwords.

The technology is already supported in the browser Edge, but now also comes to Windows 10. Note that this is in place in the next major update.

Soon you can log in with the thumb of your browser

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