Now Microsoft has released its first version of Linux!

Microsoft | Apr 23, 2018 | Master3395

And so, Windows 10 will be more secure.

For the first time, Microsoft has used a proprietary Linux kernel in a commercial product.

Active in the IoT market
This is the case of the sheer hero product Azure Sphere, which was revealed at the RSA 2018 safety fair.

The microcontrollers combine real-time and app-CPUs with the security section designed by Microsoft.

Used Xbox knowledge.
The company itself says they've designed the chip for what they've learned with Xbox security.

Microsoft has partnered with the team so the name of the first product is MediaTek MT3620 (an IoT application platform).

In this piece, there is a minor security system, Pluton, operated by a Cortex-A CPU according to the Azure Sphere website of Microsoft.

Working with improved Windows 10 security
Microsoft has also announced something that affects almost everyone, namely Windows 10 security.

The company demonstrated the new system of Automated Threat Detection and Remediation that will be found in the upcoming Windows 10 version. The system is currently in beta, and probably in Redstone 5, if not even later.

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Sources: ZDNet

Author: Master3395


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