Russia orders the blocking of telegrams

General | Apr 20, 2018 | Master3395

The message folder did not deliver the encryption keys.

"Message Client Telegram, which has been embraced for its focus on privacy, lost recently a case in Russian Supreme Court where they wanted to prevent Russian authorities gained access to communications made through their client," we wrote on 21 March. The telegram was ordered to disclose encryption keys to the FSB, Russia's security service, within 4 April.

It did not happen.

Order blockage
Now a Russian has ordered blocking of the Telegram app in the country. It reports, among other things, the BBC and the Russian news agency Tass. The latter writes that blocking can happen immediately, but it is uncertain whether it will happen.

The Financial Times writes that it is most likely that it will come into effect next month when Telegram has appealed. A blockade is likely to block Telegram's domains and IP addresses. The app will probably be available to those using VPN services.

Strict anti-terror laws in Russia introduced in 2016 are the background for this matter. The laws require that it is possible for the police to decrypt messages sent via messaging Telegram.

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Sources: BBC

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