Android manufacturers lie about security updates - so you should check your device

Google | Apr 17, 2018 | Master3395

ZTE and TCL are getting worse.

Security Research Labs (SRL) has gone through the firmware to 1200 smartphones from various Android manufacturers. The conclusion is that not only are updates, but some manufacturers are also wondering when the update is installed.

Several with weak results
Worst in the surveys of SRL comes to TCL and ZTE. These companies had four or more missing updates. HTC, Huawei, LG, and Motorola made it chopped better but had three to four missing updates.

The companies Xiaomi, OnePlus and Nokia did better with between one and three missing updates.

Best out did not surprise Google, but also Sony, Samsung, and Wiki with zero missing.

Here's how to check
You can check the status of your Android smartphone by downloading and running the SnoopSnitch app developed by Security Research Labs. The test you must perform is "Android patch level test". Note that Android 8.1 is not fully supported by the app.

The result you get up shows how updated your device is and what the manufacturer claims. Below you can see an example from the Galaxy S9 that seems to have those updates as promised.

Results from a Galaxy S9. (Ill .: ITavisen)


What is the status of your device?

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