"King of Kong" lost the title after cheating

General | Apr 16, 2018 | Master3395

All of Billy Mitchell's records have been removed.

Billy Mitchell has for a long time had the world record in the game "Donkey Kong" with 1 047 200 points. Now he is stripped of the title.

Tired of cheating
It announces Twin Galaxies that keeps track of the game world record. They have now removed the record for Mitchell from their websites and have also notified Guinness World Records of the decision. All other Mitchell records have also been removed from the company's lists.

For several months, Twin Galaxies has investigated Mitchell's record after allegations of cheating on the basis of the video recording he had submitted. The complainant noticed image transitions in the game that did not match the original edition of "Donkey Kong" and claimed that these were generated by an emulator.

The findings of Twin Galaxies show that Mitchell's world record could not have been made on an unmodified version of "Donkey Kong", which is required. That means Steve Wiebe, another "Donkey Kong" star, is now recognized as the first to reach over one million in the game.

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