Microsoft will fix the biggest problem with Windows 10 on ARM

Microsoft | Apr 12, 2018 | Master3395

Get support for 64-bit apps soon.

Microsoft has succeeded in getting Windows 10 to run on ARM chipsets like Snapdragon 835, but it has some constraints. Per now it is possible to run x86 programs in this version while 64-bit is not supported.

Slipper development kit
Microsoft has plans to do something about it. During the Build Fair this year, the company will launch a development kit (SDK) that allows developers to compile their apps to support ARM64. It says Engadget.

The reason that the 64-bit apps are currently unsupported is that the UWP apps are compiled in ARM, x64 and x86. The new ARMs run 64-bit, but developers still need to select ARM package and the only available supported is 32-bit.

Engadget writes that the upcoming ARM64 SDK will support both Store and .exe apps, thus being more flexible than how Windows 10 on ARM is at this time, enabling users to access a larger library of software so far Developers choose to update.

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