Such a curvy iPhone can be

Apple | Apr 11, 2018 | Master3395

The design is at least special. (Ill .: iDrop News / Martin Hajek)

Or have the signatures gone crazy?

Earlier this week, Bloomberg announced that Apple is working on and considering more exciting screen technologies for future iPhones.

Made 3D sketches
One of the things Apple is looking at is, according to Bloomberg, a design where the display curves towards the center. Based on these rumors, Martin Hajek and iDrop News have made some 3D sketches that show how an iPhone with such design will look like.

We immediately begin to think of Nokia's banana phone, which will soon be relayed, with a fairly bent design. As for the size of the device, iDrop News writes that it is narrower than iPhone 8 and X, but goes no further in detail.

If Apple's goal, as Bloomberg indicates, is to stand out in the market, such an iPhone will definitely do it.

The design is at least special.

What do you mean? Will next-generation iPhone be shaped like a banana?

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