Now the big Windows 10 update is complete

Microsoft | Apr 9, 2018 | Master3395

«Spring Creators Update» is now in «Preview Ring».

Are you the "Release Preview" tests, you have now been delivered version 17133.

Finally, Redstone is only a few days away
In other words, this version is probably the final version of Spring Creator Update (Redstone 4).

There does not seem to be any ISO ready yet, so everyone else has to wait a little.

Is our spring update launched on Tuesday?
This great update is a little extra exciting because it contains Timeline, a timeline that provides a calendar overview of what you're doing in different applications. This feature will make it even easier to keep track of work if you use multiple machines.

The launch for everyone, ie you on the latest RTM edition, may take place on the first Tuesday, April 10th. We of course follow with you.

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