Microsoft's incredible "chatbot" knows when it can interrupt you

Microsoft | Apr 7, 2018 | Master3395

Big advances from Redmond.

Most digital assistants work by asking a human being the question and the artificial intelligence answers. Microsoft believes that it gives a sense of speaking through a relationship or via text message.

"People do not speak that way," writes Li Zhou, CEO of the company's AI project, "Chatbot-an Xiaolce", in China.

Cancels when appropriate and avoids embarrassment
"Instead, when people are on the phone with each other or talking face to face, they both talk and listen at the same time - and often they predict how the other person might want to quit a sentence, and maybe interrupt it where appropriate or break an embarrassing silence with new things based on the information they've collected, "Zhou said in a post on Microsoft's blog.

Xiaolce is thus the name of the "chatbot" that is able to know when it is appropriate to break in when a person is talking and it can also interrupt the embarrassing silence that can often occur in a conversation. Another thing with the voice assistant is that you do not rely on "awakening words" like "hello, Cortana" to get in touch with it.

"As it works perfectly naturally, it makes the user feel very relaxed," said Zhou of Xiaolce.

Unfortunately, this technology has not coincided with Microsoft's voice assistant Cortana in the first instance, but it focuses on "chatbots" as just Xiaolce designed to allow longer conversations with people.

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