Facebook notifies major app changes after the scandal

IT | Apr 2, 2018 | Master3395

Must work to maintain user confidence.

After the app "thisisyourdigitallife" could easily retrieve and sell information without a Facebook overview, the social media makes changes to third party apps on the service.

Notifies system review
Initially, Facebook will stop the process of authenticating apps that want to use the network platform. This happens because the company wishes to implement solutions that prevent the Cambridge Analytica scandal from happening again.

"In order to maintain the trust people have in Facebook when sharing information, we will make changes to how our platform works. We know that these changes are not simple, but we feel that these updates will help limit conflicts with the major developer system, "explains Ime Archibong, Vice President of Partnership in Facebook.

The changes mean that Facebook will take a thorough review that its own platform, which also involves checking suspicious apps. The company also plans to inform users if an app has misused information that has been collected.

Risks giant fines
In the wake of the scandal, the US Federal Trade Commission has announced that it will review Facebook. The FTC said in a press release Monday this week that they look at the case very seriously and that they have opened an investigation that will be kept secret from the public.

If Facebook is found guilty, it's talking as much as $ 40,000 in fines per violation, and since Facebook has many users, this may be enough to lower the entire company if they get fines they will not be able to process, it will In that case, talk about two billions of dollars.

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