«Kodi» added to Google's pirate filter

IT | Apr 1, 2018 | Master3395

The multimedia center is banned from auto-complete.

Google's pirate filter contains a number of words and terminologies relevant to online piracy. Now there is also "Kodi" on the list.

Dropped from autocompletion
This means that "Kodi" no longer appears as an autocomplete option when searching on Google. So unless you type the whole word "Kodi", it will not appear in the search box. Similarly, "The Pirate Bay" from previously blocked. If you put "Pirate ba" in the search window, you will get suggestions like "Pirate bays" and "Pirate bandana ours".

Kodi is a media center and successor to the Xbox Media Center. The program supports extensions which have made it quite popular with online pirates. This has brought rights organizations to focus on Kodi.

"Google has made changes to prevent words that are highly associated with piracy, appearing in auto-complete and related searches. This is similar to what we have done with terminologies related to pornography, violence and hateful expressions, "the company has previously explained, writes TorrentFreak.

Is it OK that Google bans pirate songs from autocomplete?

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Sources: TorrentFreak

Author: Master3395


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