Windows Server 2019 set to come later this year

Microsoft | Mar 23, 2018 | Master3395

The operating system is now available as a preview.

That the operating system arrives later this year is hardly a surprise to anyone.

Microsoft shared Windows in a Long Time Servicing Channel (LTSC) in 2017 with 10 years of product support and new launch every three years, and in a Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) with 18 month product support and new launch every six months - by the way with a corresponding Windows 10 version.

Project Honolulu included
Despite the fact that Microsoft has recently focused on Windows environments without a graphical user interface, such as Nano Server, the web-based user interface of Windows, called Project Honolulu, will be found in the upcoming version of Windows Server.

PICTURE: Figure1-1024x576.jpg

Additionally, Windows Subsystem for Linux has been integrated, while operating system level virtualization support has been expanded.

Fewer serpents
Microsoft aims to reduce the size of the server core to one-third of the current size of 5 GB. This reduces download time by 72%, thus optimizing the development time and performance.

Windows Server 2019 is available as a preview for Windows Insiders.

Project Honolulus administration tool for Azure Backup. (Ill .: Microsoft)


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