Here is the world's smallest computer - powerful enough to run

IT | Mar 22, 2018 | Master3395

Your PC is less than a grain of sand.

During the IBM Think 2018 conference, the company shows, among other things, what is claimed to be the world's smallest computer. And yes, it's small.

Less than a salt grain
IBM's small computer measures only 1 x 1 millimeter and is, therefore, less than a salt grain. Something IBM compares it with. Production costs are as small: under ten cents, the company reports. It corresponds to a Norwegian krone.

The computer consists of several hundred thousand transistors, SRAM memory and a communication device that uses an LED and image recognition to communicate with things around.

Motherboard writes that the computer should be used to track freight transport and to detect theft and fraud. In addition, it can perform individual AI tasks. IBM claims that the machine has performed as a 1990 x86 chip, which means it's just capable of running the original "Doom" from 1990, The Verge points out.

Can you see your IBM PC? (Ill .: IBM)
Can you see your IBM PC? (Ill .: IBM)


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Sources: Mashable, The Verge

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