Do you see what's new with YouTube? To enable «night mode»

Google | Mar 16, 2018 | Master3395

iPhone users get first, Android has to wait.

For the first time, you can replace the white user interface in the YouTube app with a black one. You can already activate a "night mode" on the website, but it's only now that it comes to mobile apps.

Get along: To enable the IT newspaper's night mode.

The dark theme in YouTube
First out is iOS. YouTube says rollout is in progress and users will see the new mode over the next few days. So if you do not have the option today, check again in a few days.

The night mode in the YouTube app works similar to other websites and apps, ie, the white is replaced with black and vice versa. This can make it easier to see if, for example, the app is used in a dark setting and the black design should also be less straining to your eyes.

To enable it (as soon as you have the option):

  • Tap your account icon in the YouTube app.
  • Select Settings.
  • Scroll down to "dark theme" and enable the selection.

Updates roll out, as mentioned above, to iOS users now while Android owners have to wait until further notice.

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Sources: The Verge

Author: Master3395


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