Trump stops Broadcom's acquisition of Qualcomm, but this is hardly over

General | Mar 15, 2018 | Master3395

- Necessary to protect national security.

Singapore-based Broadcom has wanted to trade Qualcomm for a long time. Now it's hardly the first thing, but Broadcom has a clear strategy.

Will fight further
This is because the US President Donald Trump has blocked a takeover. According to the president, it is due to national security concerns.

33-year-old Qualcomm is in San Diego, California and produces the famous Snapdragon pieces found in all Android top models. Their newest piece is 845.

Broadcom moves to the United States to fight Trump's order
Broadcom also has its main base in California, more specifically in San Jose, and with Tan Hock Eng as chief, but the company is legally owned in Singapore. For a long time, Broadcom has been aware of what Trump was going to do.

The plan is to move everything to the United States, according to Bloomberg. This will happen already April 3th and will probably help them in the fight against Trump's orders when the entire company is on American basis.

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Sources: The Verge, Bloomberg

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