Apple did not stop the app that served digital currency on users' Macs

Apple | Mar 14, 2018 | Master3395

The miner ran runaway.

Calendar 2 has a new twist for those who do not want to pay anything but get all the features: digital currency sanking in the background.

Did not really go after the plan
The problem with this solution is that the app should let users choose this specifically, but instead, the app has chosen this (Monero) by default for users. The service that collects money in the background is called "xmr-stack mines".

The app is a very few, if not the only one Apple has approved to use this kind of technology to earn revenue, but something must have gone badly when they approved it for the Mac App Store with all the mistakes.

Removes Monero in a future version
Developers, a company called Qbix, have responded to the criticism. Gregory Magarshak is the manager of the company and explains that the rollout of the Monero part of the app has not gone according to plan. The one error caused the miner to run even though users chose another way to support developers in the app. The other error causes the CPU to be charged to spend far more than 10 to 20 percent as was the plan for the developers.

Apple has not responded to Ars Technica's inquiries, but Qbix has chosen to remove the miner in the upcoming version.

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