Now the Windows 10 file explorer finally gets this

Microsoft | Mar 11, 2018 | Master3395

And you can test it now.

In late November, we wrote about Windows 10 "Sets" which more or less transform the operating system into a browser. A beta version of this was then available to the testers before the function was suddenly removed.

Now, "Sets" are in place again.

Finally, tabs in File Explorer
Yesterday, Microsoft released a new trial version to Insiders on the "Skip Ahead" branch, building number 17618, and here are "Sets" in place. Previously, tab mode was limited to Microsoft's own apps, but now it opens to more.

It means tabs in, for example, Windows File Explorer, PowerShell, Command Prompt in addition to Email and Calendar, OneNote, MSN News, and other UWP apps. If you are using an app that supports "Sets" and wishes to open a new one, press the new tab button and then type in the name of the app. This is just the start and support for multiple apps will be added over time.

Microsoft has not announced when "Sets" are actually available to all Windows 10 users, but much suggests that Redstone 5 - this year's autumn update - is the target.

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