Not sure whether to upgrade? Here are the differences between the Galaxy S8 and S9

General | Mar 1, 2018 |

See what's better.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is official and launched in March - remember to bring your snapshot. If you have a Galaxy S8 and are considering whether to upgrade or not, you can check if this news makes the newcomer worth upgrading to.

These are some of the news
The design of the two Samsung phones is very similar, but there are actually some differences. For example, the frames are even narrower, the physical buttons have moved a few millimeters - it will make them easier to reach - and the finger sensor is now centered. One thing you may not see is that the screen has got better protection in the form of thicker Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Samsung has also made the metal frame more resistant to scratches and has given it a better finish.

On the camera front, the Galaxy S9 boasts great news. First of all, variable aperture - it's not every day on smartphones. The aperture can be adjusted automatically, automatically in auto mode. Another thing is the video recording of up to 960 frames per second. The S9 + also has an additional telephoto sensor.

It's also worth taking in that stereo speakers are in place, these are customized by the company AKG, and Face Intelligent Scan that combines iris and face scanning. The latter is standard, but if there is not enough light, the device automatically switches to iris scanning so you do not have to do it manually.

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