Apple removed telegram due to pornography

Apple | Feb 19, 2018 |

But how are they going to stop this in the future?

Four days ago, Telegram was removed, then returning to the heat of the Apple App Store.

Child porn cause
At that time, it was never revealed what was the problem - there was also reason to believe that Telegram X had something to do (a faster version built with Apple Swift) a new version that was released while the platform got into the heat Again, but that was not the case.

For now, it is revealed that there was child porn that caused Apple to unwind the message app from the iPhone app store.

This happened
Apple's Phil Schiller has revealed above 9to5mac what happened:

The App Store team was notified of the criminal content. After Apple found that this voted, they removed the app, alerted the developer, and informed the authorities and NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children).

Telegram must have enabled some kind of protection against this in the future, beyond this, Telegram chief Pavel Durov would not say anything more. At the same time, the current users were banned and the content removed before the apps returned.

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Sources: 9to5mac


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