Has millions of cheaters - now PUBG developers are taking control

General | Feb 18, 2018 |

Enables anti-cheating this week.

BattlEye has revealed that over one million PUBG cheaters have been thrown, and only in January.

A lot of cheaters left to pick up
These are numbers that are higher than most major games have active players, but then PUBG is not just a game but a phenomenon.

The fact that the game has been, and is still under development, makes it a favorite goal for hackers who still find new ways
to trick the game and other players on.

In January, 100,000 were thrown out.
Since this news was published, the figure is over 4 million:

Developers take hold, but stopping all the time is impossible
Fortunately, the developers behind the game have a new system that will try to put an end to the cheats.

The system is tested internally at the time of writing, but it is expected that it will be on the air during this week.
This system will also be in a test phase but should be put alive on game servers.

The system is going to block cheating programs, including those who change the graphics in a way that gives cheats overtaken, helps them to aim or see through walls.

Developers promise, however, that programs that do not have the intended purpose will still be allowed.

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