Warning for Google Chrome Add-ons - Can steal your credit card number

Google | Feb 9, 2018 |

Check if you have one of these installed.

Security scientists in Trend Micro warn against 89 different additions to the Google Chrome browser.

Has been downloaded over 400,000 times
If you have installed Chrome add-ons like "Cheesy Barbecue Bacon" or "Perfect Steaks", you may want to check your card transactions. According to Trend Micro, these add-ons were downloaded 424,000 times before Google removed them.

All extensions use the "session replay" attack method that is in town to store all commands performed on a PC, allowing attackers to steal card information. Although these Chrome add-ons are designed with «session replay», Trend Micro believes that the target of attackers is to get victims to hit ads and generate money that way.

The security company thinks there is a group baptized "Droidclub" that supports the deployment of Chrome extensions. In this list, you can see the 89 additions.

If that link isn't working here's another.

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Sources: CSO


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