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IT | Feb 8, 2018 |

This is the status of every motherboard manufacturer. Takes 1 second to check if you are sure.

InSpectre is an invaluable little program.

Perhaps in the comments box, can you give a shout out to those companies that have not yet managed to correct their motherboards? Asus reports there are updates on the tamp of January to theirs.

Have you remembered to update the BIOS?
It checks for the second if you are secured for Meltdown (directed in OS) or Spectre (BIOS), per second. As a bonus, it also tells you whether performance deteriorates significantly or not. You can even disable the fixes.

The program is very important to download now as the hackers beta-tests viruses that exploit the errors. Then, keep your OS up-to-date and make sure you download the latest BIOS manually for those of you who are self-employed.

The undersigned motherboard, Asus Z97-A / USB 3.1, has no newer BIOSs newer than from 2015, so many will not get far in trying to safeguard against Spectre.

This is the status of motherboard manufacturers

  • Gigabyte: Has released updates
  • Asus: Comes on the tamp of January, in other words, in a few days?
  • MSI: Has released updates
  • Lenovo: Has released updates
  • Dell: Updates Available
  • Acer: No date for consumer machines
  • ASRock: A series of updates
  • Panasonic: Updates are being launched on a continuous basis
  • Toshiba: No one yet
  • Microsoft: Has Tightly Surface Products
  • LG: None known

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Sources: BleepingComputer


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