Battlefield 1's launch maps, modes and campaign details leak through closed alpha

IT | Jul 4, 2016 | Master3395


Battlefield 1 has been extensively data-mined during the closed alpha that is currently running for a select few players, revealing what would seem to be every major detail about DICE's forthcoming period shooter. And I mean everything - so if you don't want the game spoilt for you it might be best to turn your head and look away.

Redditor Lobix300 has compiled a comprehensive list that makes some revealing claims about the shooter - namely that it'll feature 10 multiplayer maps and what looks like seven game modes, with Battlefield favourites such as Rush and Conquest joined by seemingly new modes such as Possession and Breakthrough.

The number of maps would make some sort of sense, seeing as Battlefield 4 also launched with 10 maps. Battlefield 1's selection seems to take in the entire theatre of battle, and joining St. Quentin's Scar - the map that's been detailed in what we've seen of the game so far - are what seems to be various other locales. The filenames below give a fair indication of what to expect.

The leak also details the campaign, which looks set to take place across six episodes all split into individual chapters. Will DICE be able to break its run of miserable Battlefield campaigns? It's probably best not to get your hopes up too high for Battlefield 1's single-player, and hopefully what follows can only be a pleasant surprise.

The leak goes further still, listing some 37 weapons that look set to be included in the game and going as far as to detail what dog-tags and Battlepack rewards await players. More importantly, though, it notes one significant change to the stats logged in this particular Battlefield, with HORSE KILLED and HORSE WOUNDED now added. What a game this promises to be.

Battlefield 1 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 21st. It's all shaping up quite nicely.

Author: Master3395


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