Intel confirms: Also newer processors are having trouble after crisis update

IT | Jan 25, 2018 |

Performance can fall as much as 25 percent.

As we wrote last week, Intel Update creates trouble for older Broadwell and Haswell processors.

Working with an update on the update
Intel now confirms that newer processors are also affected by performance issues following crisis updates that tighten the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. In a statement, Intel says that the updates lead to larger instances of unwanted reboots for PCs with the following processors:

  • Ivy Bridge.
  • Sandy Bridge.
  • Skylake.
  • Kaby Lake.

Kaby Lake is one of Intel's latest processor series.

This is how game performance is after updating the Intel processors.

According to the company, updates have been released to 90 percent of Intel processors from the last five years, but it does not hide that much work remains. The plan is now to release a new update that fixes the issues that the previous updates brought with it.

"We have reproduced the problem internally and work to identify the main reason," writes Intel on its websites.

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Sources: Reuters


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