This is the Windows 10 update AMD users should download

Microsoft | Jan 23, 2018 |

Microsoft is currently updating the OS.

An update to Windows 10 that would close the "Intel hole" created baluba for AMD users. Some of them found that the PC no longer started up. Shortly after it became known, Microsoft chose to suspend the update temporarily for AMD users.

Must fix the AMD error
Now Microsoft has released a major update to Windows 10, which fixes the problem for AMD chipsets. In the update history you can read the following:

«An update is available to fix the following issue that occurs after you install January 3, 2018-KB4056892 (OS Build 16299.192):

AMD devices fall into an unbootable state. »

Otherwise, the update is quite comprehensive, as is common with total updates to Windows 10. There are no new features, but rather bug fixes and performance improvements.

Note that the update is available for Windows 10 15063 (Creators Update from spring 2017) and version 14393 (Anniversary Update from July 2016).

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