Twitter can read all your private messages and what images you upload

IT | Jan 16, 2018 |

Top bosses revealed with a hidden camera: - It's very creepy what we do.

Project Veritas boss James O'Keefe reveals political corruption and what the major media organizations really think.

"We can read and see everything you do
Now they have revealed that Twitter has no trouble reading your private messages and seeing the photos you upload if they want it, and now the US president Donald Trump is on the verge.

According to security peoples in the company, they are ready to surrender all information Trump has on his Twitter account, including all private messages and everything else the president has made of network communications to U.S. Department of Justice's case against just Trump, led by Robert Mueller.

In fact, the clip below sounds like they have already done so, but they abandoned and changed the sentence that they in future want to comply with any requirement and be happy to do so.

Twitter is more than political, they are activists
The tone and reaction of Twitter is thus quite the opposite of what Twitter bases Jack Dorsey meant in a similar case, namely when the question arose if Apple should give the FBI the opportunity to search for iPhone phones belonging to terrorists.

On the questionnaire about why Twitter stores user data, the answer is to Clay Haynes, Sr. Network Security Engineer at Twitter, the following:

"We save information in case we get voted, so it's mostly for law enforcement instances, but it also helps us discover a pattern in the user history. It is very very dangerous. It's also very, very creepy and Big Brother-ish ».

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