Applies to all machines over the past 10 years: CPU failures can not be solved smoothly - your machine may get up to 23 percent slower

IT | Jan 11, 2018 |

Tasty news for Intel, Apple, Microsoft and all with x86 machines.

A serious hole has been unveiled in Intel's CPUs that allow intruders to snap up extra sensitive information.

We follow the developments in the case and update updates once the OS is ready. We expect more information about the error, probably before Tuesday next week (it is therefore recommended to check for updates in the afternoon). It's the day Microsoft updates Windows.


Microsoft and Linux developers are working on a bug fix at the time of writing.

Updates to the Linux kernel are already ready.

One mistake of the error is that it could break down Kernel address space layout randomization or KASLR, which in turn is used to make hacking of the kernel more difficult.

Very serious hole
Windows, Linux, and MacOS are affected by the error that can only be corrected with operating system updates.

The problem is that the solution needs to be fixed in a way in the operating system that will seize performance. It is about anything from 17 to 23 percent poorer performance. This may end in major mass action against Intel and/or PC manufacturers.

This is the error
The core of the OSs reserves a bit of memory space from user processes and applications, as this space can store passwords and other sensitive information - including intermittent info from your drives.

If a website implements the dangerous code, which is now hidden in time for the updates, the code will be able to steal passwords and much more.


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