Google refuses Amazon customers YouTube app

IT | Jan 8, 2018 |

Must peek in the browser.

January 1th should have been cut-off for the YouTube app on Amazon's Fire Devices, but then the support was lost a few days earlier - maybe by Amazon itself.

The war is a reflection
There are enough additional legal expenses for both companies that are in the totts on each other. Amazon and Apple have just found an agreement that both parties can agree with (Apple TV is found on Amazon.com again) and therefore no longer sabotage each other's products while Amazon and Google are still on the go.

Increased content production
Google is seeing more competition against YouTube while trying to sell its own content there.

Apple and Amazon create their own content, as does Netflix. Google then tightens or tries to control competitors, with a product all consumers expect to find on their device, the YouTube app.


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Sources: TechCrunch


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