Now Netflix is streaming in HDR quality in Windows 10

General | Dec 30, 2017 |

But notice the requirements.

Over a year ago Netflix supported 4K streaming in Windows 10. Now HDR (Extended Dynamic Area) is in place.

HDR and 4K
Note that there are certain requirements for HDR flow, as is the case for 4K, in the operating system. First and foremost, you are dependent on having an HDR compatible display, but also the 7th generation Kaby Lake processor from Intel or later.

What are AMD's processors are unknown?

In addition, it is worth noting that you must have the Fall Creators Update, which came this autumn, installed. So long, only the browser Edge and the UWP app support HDR. The app can be found in the Microsoft Store.

Also read: Samsung Note 8 receives HDR support on Netflix.

Remember, there is only a selection of Netflix content that supports HDR and it is mainly about the power giant's own productions such as "Stranger Things" season 2 and "Marvel's Luke Cage".

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