Microsoft removed Google's "Chrome app" from the Store

Google | Dec 29, 2017 |

- They are welcome to build a browser that follows the guidelines.

Yesterday, Google's browser Chrome appeared (in limited form) in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. Unfortunately, for those who hoped for a major version of the browser, it was just an installer for the regular Chrome edition.

Was quickly removed
Shortly after the news that the Chrome installer was in place, the app was removed by Microsoft. The company confirms to The Verge that the app was removed because it does not comply with Microsoft Store's guidelines.

At the same time, Microsoft is inviting Google to build a Chrome app for Store, but it is asking if Google wants to thank yes.

"We welcome Google to build a Microsoft Store web browser that complies with the Microsoft Store guidelines," the spokesman said to the site.

As The Verge points out, there are many reasons why Google does not want to develop an app for the Microsoft Store, but the most important thing is likely to be built on the EdgeHTML engine to Microsoft. Chrome uses the Blink engine for Google, but the search giant has also built an iOS app - to follow Apple's requirements - based on the Webkit engine. Google does not have such a requirement for browsers on Android.

All Windows 10 users can download Chrome and other browsers directly from the Internet, but it is the Windows 10 S users affected by this. Windows 10 S, can only install applications from the Microsoft Store.

According to the site, the Google Chrome installer published to fight the fake Chrome apps in the Windows 10 store.

Google has not wanted to comment on the matter with The Verge.

Should Microsoft allow browsers in the Windows 10 app store that do not use the Edge engine, or is it OK because Apple has the same guidelines for the App Store?

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Sources: The Verge


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