WhatsApp is ordered to stop sharing with Facebook

IT | Dec 27, 2017 |

France puts down the foot.

The French Authority CNIL now asks WhatsApp to stop sharing information with Facebook. The audit gives the company one month to follow the order.

France says no
The reason for this is that it became known that Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, shares user information across the two platforms, which several authorities in Europe have strongly opposed. Among other things, the German and British authorities have been clear that the division must be stopped.

Facebook claims that the exchange is being done to develop targeted advertising, collect business information and for security reasons. CNIL states that it approves the statement with certainty, but that the point of business information is not acceptable. This is because WhatsApp does not disclose that the app collects such a feature and that the only way to prevent it is to delete it.

CNIL believes that it violates the users' right to freedom.

Punished for misleading information
In addition, Facebook has also been fined in the EU after giving "misleading information" about the acquisition. At the acquisition, the social media to the EU stated that it was not possible to link user information from one service to another. The European Commission has later found that this is not correct and it was already technically possible in 2014.

The verdict fell in May this year.

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Sources: The Verge


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