Windows 10 keeps installing the same update

Microsoft | Jul 3, 2016 | Master3395

Windows 10 keeps installing the same update over and over

1] The first thing you should do is try to note down the number of the update that keeps installing. It will be something like KB1234567.

Now right-click on the Start to open the WinX Menu. Select Control Panel, and then open the Programs & Features applet. Here click on Installed Updates to see the Windows Update history.

Now search for the Update by number, right click on it select Uninstall. It may or may not show a Failed status.

Now restart your computer run Windows Update and install it afresh.

See if it helps.

2] You might also want to run Windows Updates Troubleshooter and see if it helps you.

3] If none of this helps, deleting the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder is likely to help you. The Software Distribution folder in Windows operating system is a folder located in the Windows directory and used to temporarily store files which may be required to install Windows Update on your computer.

This post will show you how to delete the contents of the Software Distribution folder.

Flushing this folder has been known to help fix several issues like Windows Update not working, Windows Updates fail to install, Failure configuring Windows updates, Windows Update stuck downloading updates, We couldn’t complete the updates and so on.

This data store also contains your Windows Update History files. If you delete them you will lose your Update history. Moreover, the next time you run Windows Update, it will result in a longer detection time.

Now restart your computer and run Windows Update and install the available updates.

Let us know if any of these suggestions helped you.

Author: Master3395


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