Battlefield Bad Company 3 Comes in 2018

IT | Dec 18, 2017 | Master3395

TheAlmightyDaq is the person who unveiled Battlefield 1 in advance of Electronic Arts' official unveiling. Now he claims to have come across new discoveries for the upcoming game in the series.

Bad Company 3 set to Vietnam?
It is well known that there will be a new Battlefield in 2018, but neither EA nor Dice has so far revealed any details about the game. According to TheAlmightyDaq, Bad Company 3 is looking to see the light of the coming year.

According to the man, the game is set to Vietnam and the Cold War. He also claims that the game will have a campaign section, closer maps, and the "Rush" mode returns. "Rush" is one of the most popular game modes in the Bad Company series. Team Deathmatch and Conquest will also be in place.

More new on the way
Furthermore, TheAlmightyDaq states that the game will have four classes - as usual in Battlefield - modern weapons, uniforms, helicopters and the like. When it comes to microtransactions - as many wonder the Battlefront II blunder - he says that these are probably nothing but the Battlepack system.

In this Reddit thread, TheAlmightyDaq writes that he will make a question and answer video as he goes through the details he knows so far.

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