Windows Server 1709 ready for download from Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft | Oct 30, 2017 | Master3395

The full-blown version of Windows 10 Falls Creators Update is out. It features many improvements and interesting changes. In addition to it, Microsoft has made available Windows Server 1709. Currently, the version of the server will be only available as Windows Server Core (Standard and Datacenter). The users will be required to keep updating their systems to newer versions of Windows Server.

Windows Server 1709 download
Starting with this release, customers will have two options for receiving Windows Server feature updates:
Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC): It will offer 5 years of mainstream support and 5 years of extended support. The customers will invariably have the option to upgrade to the upcoming LTSC release every 2-3 years.
Semi-Annual Channel (SAC): This differs from the above channel in a way that it is a Software Assurance benefit, supported for 18 months. A new version will be rolled out every six months.

Windows Server, version 1709 is only the first step in this new world of faster release cadences. The most important aspect of having new releases twice a year is customer feedback will shape the product. You can try the preview builds of Windows Server in the Semi-Annual Channel and provide feedback by joining the Windows Insiders program. You can also join the conversation in the Microsoft Tech Community where we have tons of professionals and experts sharing their learnings and answering questions, mentioned Microsoft in a blog post.

The most visible change observed in Windows Server Version 1709 is the ability to run both Linux and Windows containers on the same host. The native support of Linux containers on Windows Server will offer more flexibility to customers.
Beginning today, you can download Windows Server 1709 from the Volume license portal or deploy it in Microsoft Azure, since it is available in the Azure Marketplace.

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