There is no faster, larger and cheaper disk than this - 12TB for 5000 kroner

IT | Oct 16, 2017 | Master3395

Seagate with new monsterdisk. 3.5 inch disk "12TB BarraCuda Pro" stores huge amounts of data. Fast enough for storage But this is a turnaround, but what makes it fast is the 7200 RPM - combine this with the storage space, and no-one else can measure. Obviously, an SSD disk is much faster, but a 2TB SSD disk still costs well over 5,000. This is a cheaper alternative for those who do a lot of video and photo editing. Cheap 256MB intermediate storage is also in place, which must be considered as respectable. The product is expected later in October, in Norwegian online stores, and the price is nice: NOK 3999 without VAT.

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Sources: Seagate

Author: Master3395


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