This has to be the most embarrassing Apple error we've seen in a long time - now you can update

Apple | Oct 15, 2017 | Master3395

Displays encrypted disk password in plain text. Apple's disk utilities that come with MacOS High Sierra 10.13 have a serious security vulnerability, one or more engineers at Apple are very embarrassed to overlook. Updated, 19:26: Apple has just rolled out an update to 10.13 that corrects this error. This rough security error is also corrected. Incredible mistake What Matheus Mariano has found out is embarrassing. What he did in the new MacOS version released on September 25th was to create a new encrypted APFS disk, defined a password and a password hint. Then he disconnected the volume from the disk so it can not be read, then reconnect it, and it was then that he discovered that the password word was not hinted, but the password itself - in plain text. An amazing flause that's strange Apple not discovered. The error only affects Macs with SSD disks.

Keywords: apple, security

Sources: Matheus Mariano

Author: Master3395


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