Firefox expires Windows XP pause - Keep updated for a few more months

IT | Oct 14, 2017 | Master3395

But then it's over for good. Towards the end of 2016, Mozilla announced - as soon launches a brand new version of Firefox - that in 2017, Firefox will no longer be supported on Windows XP and Vista. Expires XP Stop In a blog post this week, the developer writes that Windows XP and Vista users can surf with Firefox worryingly until June next year, but after that, there must be a final stop. Mozilla will continue to update Firefox for the mentioned operating systems until June 2018. Microsoft has long terminated support, it also has Google, but Mozilla gives users a few additional months to upgrade to a newer version of Windows. Soon Opera again Of Windows users are still around 4 percent, according to StatCounter, still uses XP from 2001 and less than 1 percent using Vista from 2007. When Firefox is running XP and Vista next year, only Opera is the major browsers that support the two old Windows operating systems.

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