Did you notice that Google did not talk about this?

Google | Oct 12, 2017 | Master3395

The Android Wear devices were not visible. New Pixel devices and smart dings were revealed during yesterday's Google event, but where were the smart bells? Away from the Google Store Android Wear was not mentioned at all and in connection with the pre-order of Pixel stores, Google Store was updated with a new design. And while the store got new products, there were also some who disappeared. As a 9to5Google printer, the Android Wear product page has disappeared from the store. Uncertain why You can still access the Android Wear page, but none of the products are in stock. Why Google has chosen to downgrade Wear products is not known, but 9to5Google believes it may be because the company primarily wants to showcase its own products.

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Sources: 9to5Google

Author: Master3395


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