Microsoft gives up Spotify competitor - prompt users to move to Spotify

Microsoft | Oct 10, 2017 | Master3395

Groove Music is dead. Microsoft does not get two things: mobiles and music streaming. Now also dream number two is dead. Groove Music Pass will cease to work on December 31, 2017. Over and out For the company has announced that the Groove Music is dead and actually asks its users to use Spotify. Not only that, but they explain how users migrate to the Swedish competitor. Groove Music will be able to stream owned music, but that's it. Spinning it "We expand the partnership with Spotify to bring the biggest music collection to our Groove Music Pass customers. From this week, Groove Music Pass customers can easily move all their playlists directly to Spotify, and you may be entitled to a 60-day Spotify Premium trial. » Those who have pre-ordered for Groove Music Pass will be able to use the service throughout the year and will refund the money for all that is paid after this. [img]uploads/news/id599/26b3feb109a56b2d3924687f23e4d83c.png[/img]

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