Nintendo announces plans to shut down the Wii Shop

IT | Oct 8, 2017 | Master3935

Recommends players to download content rather sooner than later.

January 30th, 2019 is ending - Nintendo Wii Shop closes, which opened December 2006.

Do gradivs
Thus, it's almost a year and a half left for the digital game store until the superpopular console closes.

Nintendo says that the closure will take place gradually. For example, you can add Wii Points until March 26 next year and use them to buy games and other content until the closing date in January of the following year.

Closes for downloads
Additionally, you will not be able to download any Wii and Virtual Console content you have purchased again. It also applies to Wii System Transfer Tool to transfer content to Wii U.

Nintendo has not published a date for when it will happen. The gaming company recommends that you download or upload content whenever you can.

What do you think the Wii Shop closes the doors?

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Sources: The Verge

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