Apple scratches Microsoft's search engine - Google wins again

Apple | Oct 7, 2017 | Master3395

Takes over to Siri.

Bing is no longer searching for Siri.

End after almost five years
It is Google as the default Safari search engine and now the ad and search giant has also won in the last part of the OS and therefore checks all searches on iOS and Macs after Bing was introduced in 2013.

Now, Google is also the default search for Siri and search in iOS, as well as Spotlight on Mac.

Microsoft uses the opportunity to boast of the AI ‚Äč‚Äčcommitment
Apple says they have a close relationship with both Microsoft and Google after the change, Microsoft also reports:

"We appreciate the cooperation with Apple and look forward to future partnerships in many different ways, including" Bing Image Search "in Siri, to deliver the best experience for our customers," Microsoft claims, boasting that the search engine has increased every year since launch in 2009.

"Looking forward, given our work to improve AI technology, we are confident that Bing will be the leader in delivering a more intelligent search experience for our customers and partners.

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Sources: TechCrunch

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