Wondered Google's Android security - may have infected up to 4.2 million mobiles

Google | Oct 6, 2017 | Master3395

There is not much to do for full control when they can do this.

Google's security systems related to the app store, the Play Store, are not good enough.

Not sure enough
The security company Check Point can prove that the damage ExpensiveWall should have infected at least 50 apps and thus been downloaded to 1 to 4.2 million units.

ExpensiveWall uses an advanced technique to avoid being detected by Google Play's built-in security solutions. Google has previously removed apps like this, and then hit again a few days later, which resulted in infection of over 5,000 units before Google removed the malicious case four days later.

May cause dangerous spying
The damage detects the user against payment services, without knowing it, and sends expensive text messages the victim ends up having to pay.

As Checkpoint points out, malware like this, which is already very advanced and has servers and tools in place, can easily be modified to take control of the victim's mobile, self-image and other sensitive information.

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Sources: Check Point

Author: Master3395


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