Bluetooth hacked nuts and together: Can take over mobiles and watch the camera

IT | Sep 28, 2017 | Master3395

Here's how to find out if you're affected.

Security company Armis has detected dangerous holes in the Bluetooth framework. The approach is called "BlueBorne" and does not require physical access to the device - attacks occur wirelessly, but you are up to date, you are probably sure.

Download the app to investigate
Products from all major, Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft are affected by the error, but if you have iOS 10 or later on iPhone or iPad, you're sure. However, if you run iOS 9.3.5 or tvOS 7.2.2, you are hit.

Using Android, you can easily check if you're affected by Armis's app on the Play Store, or see below.

These are affected
Armis reports that "all Android mobiles, tablets and clocks (except those who only use" Bluetooth Low Energy ") and all versions can be exploited with the four holes found in the Android OS."

Two of them make it possible to start code on the victim's unit, "the company reports and lists some of the affected products. Several of them are now updated, but you should investigate yourself:

Også en rekke Linux-baserte OS er rammet, blant annet Samsung Tizen:

I tillegg til:

Windows også rammet om du ikke er oppdatert
Google har rullet ut en sikkerhetsoppdatering. Partnerne fikk denne levert 7. august og ble innlemmet som en del av 4. september-sikkerhetsoppdateringen.
Android-brukere bør undersøke at de har 9. september 2017 «Security Patch Level.»
Alle Windows-maskiner etter Windows Vista er rammet, men kun om du ikke har installert en sikkerhetsoppdatering som ble lansert 11. juli i år.

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Sources: Armis

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