Google will soon stop video storage

Google | Sep 26, 2017 | Master3395

Good news for you who dislike videos played automatically with audio.

Do you annoy videos and ads that automatically play audio when you open a webpage? You are hardly alone.

Soon the sound will be muted
If you're a Chrome user, you'll be glad Google will soon be bothered with this issue. In version 64 of the browser released early next year, videos will only be played if they do not contain audio.

And this will apply to both PC and mobile devices.

Before that time, Chrome 63 will also allow you to disable the sound completely for some sites. So if there's a page with "much sound" that you want to cushion, you can do this by default so the sound is off every time you visit the website. Version 63 is expected already next month.

What do you think of video that is played automatically with audio?

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