This mobile is running on air - will also allow you to send messages without power on your mobile

IT | Sep 25, 2017 | Master3395

Light and radio waves make this possible, but it comes more.

«Google Faculty Research» and «U.S. National Science Foundation "gave a total of 2 million kroner to a crazy project - it also worked!

Incredibly cool project
What Vamsi Talla had to do was make a mobile phone that could call it someday to be charged. The mobile can dial traditional numbers, as well as emergency numbers and even Skype and earplug support.

It is uncertain how much it will cost to produce the mobile, but Talla speculates that it could be manufactured for less than 1 dollar.

Smart technique
The mobile uses 3 microwatt, "something that is 10,000 times less than what smartphones use," explains Talla. RF waves and the sun keep the device alive. Using a technique baptized backscattering, the phone reflects and modifies the wave signals and sends them back to the base station.

Fortunately, the towers must not be upgraded hardware
No new equipment is needed in the towers, only a software change in the operator's computer systems, something they "do regularly", according to Talla.

The team with Talla in the lead will now produce the product with the help of Jeeva Wireless, where Talla is the boss.

Talla also works with another exciting project: to enable wireless text communication even though the mobile phone's battery is dead.

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Sources: The Institute

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