New Windows 10 trial version is packed with improvements - everyone should update the stable version as well

Microsoft | Sep 23, 2017 | Master3395

This is corrected.

Microsoft has launched Windows 10 16288 for Fast Ring testers.

There is still more to be done in Redstone 3
Note that this is not a Redstone 4 test version (they are 16353), but for those who have chosen not to jump on and still want to test Redstone 3.

There are not many improvements you can see, but it's a lot under the hood.

Microsoft has granted poor game performance in Windows 10 Creator Update, so we hope this will be corrected soon. It does not appear to be corrected in 16288 or the update anyone can download.

For Microsoft, also released the "KB4038788" update to 15063,540, the last stable version. See the bug fixes at the end of the article.

This is corrected

Windows Shell Improvements

Input Improvements

Microsoft Edge Improvements



Other fixes and improvements

KB4038788 (uthevingene er våre)

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