Microsoft admits game performance issues in Windows 10

Microsoft | Sep 19, 2017 | Master3395

Several report chopping and lower FPS in Creators Update.

Ever since Creators Update was available earlier this year, more players have complained of a worse game performance in Windows 10.

Inferior gaming experience
Only now does Microsoft go out and announce that they have identified several issues that may be the reason why more players have a worse gaming experience in Windows 10 Creators Update.

In the Feedback Hub, a representative of the company writes that they have identified more issues for games that are hacked in Creator Update and that one of the issues is available in the newer operating system editions.

At the same time, Microsoft confirms that they are further working to resolve the other issues.

ITavisen Hardware Lab Tests "Game Boosters": - It's just bullshit and can herpe performance.

Working on it
After upgrading to the major update released this spring, there were several who experienced chess and lower frame rate when playing PC games.

On the Nvidia forum, more users wrote that they did not have these issues before updating to Creator Update, which also comes with a "Game Mode" that will improve game performance.

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