iPhone fans will breathe out selected to drop the finger sensor on the back

Apple | Sep 17, 2017 | Master3395

Rated the solution nobody wants.

Apple tests dozens of iPhone prototypes and ways to do things before they finally nail designs, features and specifications.

This is how it is every year, but this year the time was extra big. Count on too few iPhone 8 devices.

Uncertainty almost until the launch
You remember there was a lot of debate around just this with your finger sensor this summer and iPhone 8. It was confusing because it still showed credible references that the sensor was located at the back.

Was this for 7s or 8 in anticipation that Apple would manage to implement it in the front under the panel?

Moved the sensor - caused postponement
It seems that they have done it, and now a Foxconn presentation is a little blurred.

In the presentation, it refers to "Cyclops", the iPhone 8 work name, and "Cyclops - ID Rear Touch Relocation". Self-explanatory.

The right choice to delay
Many will probably breathe out after trying this particular solution on the Galaxy S8 in the hope that Apple does not choose the same solution. The sensor is hard to find with your finger and you are drafting the camera.

But it may also have been the last minute Apple managed to implement in the front because the leak points in the direction that Foxconn was not expected to start mass production until August - usually they start in July to deliver enough units, but again: It's rumored too few iPhone 8 models. The pieces fall into place.

All answers will be given on September 12th.

So Touch ID was really on the back at early development. Prototypes we saw. pic.twitter.com/qGCvBQ2QVB

- Benjamin Geskin (@ VenyaGeskin1) September 6, 2017

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